Mona Haydar’s « Hijabi »

Mona Haydar, a Syrian-American artist and poet, serves some seriously delicious & intersectional rhymes on the catchiest trap beat since Mask Off (hats off to Future for killing the trap game with that flute segment, and also for all the memes that it regularly generates). She raps about wrapping her hijab like nobody’s business, while nonchalantly listing numerous, trivial questions she gets asked as a hijabi wearing woman.

« What that hair look like
Bet that hair look nice
Don’t that make you sweat?
Don’t that feel too tight? »

Mona’s hit in the making is also notable for including dancing and happy Muslim women from various cultures and backgrounds in her video and lyrics. Her last verse is entirely dedicated to enumerating her ‘sisters’ – a rare acknowledgement in mainstream media of the diversity of Muslims (who can literally be from anywhere in the world, by the way).

You’re just jealous of my sisters
These Mipsters, These hippies
These Prissies, These Sufis
These Dreddies, These Sunnis
These Shii’s, Yemenis
Somalis, Libnanis, Pakistanis
These Soories, Sudanis
Iraqis, Punjabies
Afghanis, Yazeedis
Khaleejis, Indonesians
Egyptians, Canadians
Algerians, Nigerians
Americans, Libyans
Tunisians, Palestinians
Hidden beyond the Mekong in laos
Senegalese and Burkina Faso

Oh, and let’s not forget that she’s 8 months pregnant and still out here making dope and revolutionary rap videos, while some of us (ahem, definitely not me) could barely make it to college classes once a week. Mona explains her decision to do so:

« In a lot of ways that’s what the song is about. It’s about tearing down the invisible structures that oppress women in ways most of us don’t even realize. Hijab, pregnancy — none of it holds me back. »

 (Source:  Refinery29) 

In conclusion, Mona, thank you. The issue of representation of different types of Muslim women plays into the larger problem of Racism/Islamophobia—and you’ve chosen to address it in the coolest way possible.

Check out this trailblazer’s Facebook page or website  to stay in the loop !



       G. T
 Kickaction Coordinator





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