Anoosha Syed & Muslim/Brown Representation

Anoosha Syed is a 23 year-old freelance illustrator and visual-development artist from Toronto, Canada. Her body of work covers many topics and characters, and they notably include representations of women and girls of various backgrounds. Some of her incredibly unique artwork draws from her Pakistani and Muslim roots, as she crafts characters who sometimes wear hijabs, or are Brown. Works like Anoosha’s are exceptionally important, as they feature Muslim and Brown women, who are just that—women. Such artwork restores humanity in a population that is so often stripped of it, and normalizes Muslim and/or Brown girls who are often « othered » in Western contexts. Plus, how cool are ALL of her characters ? Check out some of her awesome work below !

Duality, an expression of my culture; a duality of east and west
« Duality : east/west; past/present; silence/rage – trying to balance all these elements inside me. » – A.S
Illustration of the beauty blogger @jawaherrbrr

La Lune

Jasmine, from Anoosha’s Teen Disney Series 

« Jasmine is a travel blogger, exploring the world and immersing herself in different cultures. While she loves going to new places, one of her favorite parts of the trip is always looking out the plane window, while soaring through an endless diamond sky. She is also studying to be veterinarian, and is a devoted animal rights activist. Jasmine, of course, has five cats (and counting!) » – A.S





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