Dear White Feminists

Dear white feminists,

You have claimed to be oppressed but when the power is handed to you,

you suddenly become the oppressor.  

You’ve taken the inch the white man gave to you

And became oblivious to the many women of color that have marched beside you

But don’t forget we are the 95% that tried to save you.

We only exist when we surrender our self identified race

if not, we become a “too”,

we become your golden ticket to prove how “diverse” you are

but when we lift our fists in unity

the word feminism fades like the skin tone that you are.

You gave the nameless a name and promised that we would unite as one

but when the issue of color is brought up we divide into various lump sums.

They say the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts

so never forget that the next time you tell a woman of color to “play her part”

Dear white feminists, just remember opportunists eventually fail

meanwhile women of color will continuously unite and bring fourth the true meaning of

JUSTICE AND EQUALITY, with or without you, we will continue to prevail.

– Marissa Bascombe


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