Self-Love : A Manifesto

Chelsy is the creator of Ubuntu Talks where Savannah is a contributing writer. Ubuntu Talks creates a space where any combination of people may voice themselves through articles, poetry, or videos.

Chelsy and Savannah’s friendship has strengthened not only by comfortability, but also by being able to discuss each other’s worries, fears, heartbreaks, successes, and reminding each other of the light at the end of the journey. Of not forgetting to love each other. To love the self. They have learned, and continue to teach other, that at the end of the day loving and taking care of yourself is all you have in order to pursue any of the dreams you wish to accomplish. They have learned that one of the most impactful keys to success, is self-love.

Watch the video below to learn about their take on building self-love !

Self-Love: A Manifesto

Chelsy Monie & Savannah Fiset



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