Storytelling As Healing/Self-care

Marcelle is a queer woman of colour, community worker and engaged artist trying to bridge gaps linked to accessibility, and voice unheard stories of courage and resilience. Based in Montreal with roots in North-Africa and Mexico, she is the proud daughter of brave migrants.


Kadine’s Tips for Self-love

Kadine Cunningham is currently completing her final year as a Women’s Studies Major at Concordia University. After moving from Jamaica to Canada at the age of 10, Kadine struggled with her confidence and felt lost in a culture that was not her own. Today, Kadine is an advocate for all things that promote self-love and self-care – especially for women of color.

The Magical Self-Love Question

Nydia is a Self-Love Coach who created the Love U Movement to help sexual trauma survivors (re)learn how to love themselves. She is the co-organizer of Black Women Rise, a wellness Summit for Black women...

Self-Love : A Manifesto

Chelsy is the creator of Ubuntu Talks where Savannah is a contributing writer. Ubuntu Talks creates a space where any combination of people may voice themselves through articles, poetry, or videos. Chelsy and Savannah’s friendship has strengthened not only by comfortability, but also by being able to discuss each other’s worries, fears, heartbreaks, successes, and reminding each... Lire la suite →

Self-love and Healing Through Hardship

My name is Nadia, a Moroccan/Italian hybrid living in the beautiful, eclectic and bustling city of Montreal. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend and a lover. I aspire to be a kick-ass lawyer and I hope to make a positive contribution to my fellow gals!

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