Emilee is a young woman who identifies as an Indigenous journalist, no-wave feminist and everyday existentialist. She is a Saulteaux Cree and Métis, Filipina, Irish and Scottish and considers her multi-layered roots a strength and source of inspiration...


Ruby’s Story, by âpihtawikosisân

âpihtawikosisân, or Chelsea Vowel, is a Métis writer and lawyer who has worked with Inuit youth in Montreal, and runs a popular blog and twitter account centered around Indigenous issues. The piece featured below is an extract of "Ruby's Story" that she has allowed us to share, which focuses on the impact of residential schools on First Nations languages

Peace River Rising Afterthoughts

Helen Knott, a social worker, author, activist and poet worked with CBC Short Docs in order to produce Peace River Rising, a brief documentary that studies the link between violence against Indigenous women and violence against the land

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