KickAction presents : Blogging Carnival 2017!

During the whole month of April, young feminists share stories and opinions by blogging and commenting on The idea is to have a bunch of bloggers converge on one site to write about a given topic, allowing readers to read a variety of takes on a subject.
The kickAction Blogging Carnival runs for four weeks, with a new blogging theme every week, starting April 1st. Entries can be but are not limited to: letters of opinion, photo essays, poetry, short stories, vlogs, and interviews.
Browse the different categories to read the articles:

April 1st – 8th: Racism and islamophobia

April 9th – 15th: Is feminism white?

April 16th – 24th: Being a young Indigenous woman in Canada

April 25th – 30th: Self-Love and Self-Care: how do I take care of myself in difficult times?


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